Finally, Grading Made Easy!

BubbleVision is the easiest and fastest way to grade bubble sheets accurately. No special hardware is necessary. All you need is a computer, a scanner, and the internet, and you'll be grading in no time.

Learn more about how BubbleVision is revolutionizing bubble sheet grading.

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How to Use BubbleVision

Say Goodbye to Limitations

What sets BubbleVision apart from the rest is there are no limitations. No limits on hardware, software, location, or accessories. If you’ve got a computer, a scanner, and the internet, you’ve got the entire BubbleVision system.

Accuracy is Everything

Now that you know how easy BubbleVision is to implement and use, it’s time to find out why using BubbleVision is so important to educational institutions - accuracy.

With over 2.2 Million bubbles read, BubbleVision has a confirmed 99%+ accuracy rate.

What does this mean for you? More tests graded correctly. Fewer errors. Fewer student assessments thrown out because they are unreadable. Happier students. Happier teachers. And Happier Administrators.

BubbleVision can wade through the eraser marks, errant pen strokes, smudges, scribbles, and markups on each sheet to assess and determine the student’s intended answer with staggering accuracy.

Summing Up BubbleVision

1 It’s Easy to Get Started.

No special hardware, accessories, or installations. We’ve simplified the grading solution so that BubbleVision works for you, not against you.

2 It’s Simple to Use.

We kept users of all ages, skill-levels, and backgrounds in mind when designing this application. We believe we’ve created an interface that is so usable, it’ll walk you through the process each and every time you grade papers.

3 It’s Fast and Accurate.

Tests graded quickly and correctly - it’s your goal and ours too. And BubbleVision can do just that.